What Dr. King and Gandhi Would Say About Hamas

Earl Ofari Hutchinson

Ponder this those who cheer lead and apologize for Hamas’s murder of non-combatants. What did the Black Panthers really achieve with their pick up the gun rhetoric as opposed to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr with his non-violent, non-cooperation, mass movement that brought foundational change to America. King and mass movement civil rights movement always seized and held the moral, political, and public opinion high ground. He always eschewed violence no matter how much violence (400 years to be exact) was wreaked on African Americans. How much did the Indian terrorists really gain against the British in India (who wreaked three centuries of violence and colonial rule on India) versus Gandhi’s massive, coordinated, non-violent, noncooperation movement?

In Rashid Khlaidi’s brilliant, meticulous, well-researched, and balanced book The Hundred Year’s War on Palestine, he specifically says that Israeli generals admitted that the largely non-violent, non-cooperation well-coordinated massive demonstrations–Palestinian Intifada for five years in the 1990s–were effective because while the IDF knew how to easily smash the violent Palestinian guerrilla groups they were clueless when confronted with the Intifada. This was the one time that the Palestinians backed the Israeli militarists down and actually made major gains diplomatically and won the support and sympathy of world and Arab public opinion. Again, Hamas’s way is not I repeat NOT the way and events since October 7 have well proven that. And Dr. King and Gandhi will always underscore that.

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  1. Martin Luther King say I believe I integrated my people in a burning house. Also MLK said I believe my has become a nightmare. They play much of theses speeches. Always I had a dream, that was the Early MLK, by 1967 MLK saw America what is it! Immoral and was the burning house MLK was Speaking of.

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