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Stay abreast of the day’s most pressing commentary on the Hutchinson Report, as seen through the eyes of noted political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson. Earl Ofari Hutchinson as a political analyst, provides commentary on politics, race, racism, Donald Trump, GOP, Democrats, Obama, African Americans, Clinton, Congress, elections, primaries, the President, Capitol hill, White House, Hispanics, Blacks, minorities, police abuse and more. He is also a featured guest on the AL Sharpton Show.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Hutchinson Report”

  1. Dr. Hutchinson,

    I’m disturbed by your rude and dismissive comments just now on AM 1690. The woman caller laid out a biblical analogy of international, intercultural business, illustrating and cautioning about the advances of American slave tactics abroad. You declined to address “the biblical part.” “That was last week.” Did you think she was talking about Easter? Do you think she was asking for an exigesis?

    We speak different languages. She listened to you through yours—as did I and the rest of the audience. You would not hear hers, because “it’s time to get down to facts.” You couldn’t be bothered. Your expert voice taught knowledge-seeking black radio listeners an awful, pervasive lesson in lazy communication. You demonstrated disregard for someone who gave you the time of her day.


  2. Like your up coming show. You should do a story on the Boston red Sox’s and how they may be changing street names to mask the racism but their dishonorable act toward a black female community activist shows their lack of respect and pTicipation in the black community continues.

  3. Good morning to all of you my homess is problem for everyone of us camp out on private property it bad as get zondreia h

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