American Journalist Doc Challenges Trump’s America

American Journalist is a YouTube Documentary that chronicles the literary and political activism of Earl Ofari Hutchinson who Wikipedia labels “American Journalist.”  Most importantly, the documentary capsulizes his half century plus work as a media commentator and social and political activist challenging Trump’s warped, divisive, immigrant, race baiting attempt to reshape America.

American Journalist  consists of interviews with and commentary by Hutchinson on his writings, his start, motivation, and their impact. The documentary capsulizes his half century plus work as a media commentator and social and political activist.

The aim is to inspire, motivate, and provide a guide for present and future young people on the immense power of writing, social activism, and engagement. Hutchinson’s aim is to raise awareness on how these invaluable literary vehicles can make a difference in people’s lives and society.

Earl Ofari Hutchinson is an acclaimed American author, journalist and longtime political and social analyst and activist. In a span of more than a half century from 1970 he has written more than thirty books, many acclaimed. Among his books are the trilogy on the Obama Years: The Obama Legacy, How Obama Governed; The Year of Crisis and Challenge, and How Obama Won. His most recent books are the Trump Challenge to Black America, From King to Obama: Witness to a Turbulent History. He has authored several books on the Trump phenomenon and multiple books on race and politics in America.

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