Hutchinson Report On Air Townhall–Have We Gone Way Overboard on Race?

Hutchinson Report Host and political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson asks listeners and viewers in an on air Townhall  “Have We Gone Way Overboard on Race?” The Virginia Governor and his wife, Jussie Smollett, the Green Book, Liam Neesom, and the countless other recent instances where racism and racists are seen behind every lamp post and bedpost, Is this good or bad? Is there a danger in overplaying the race card?
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airs Saturday, March 2 9:00 AM PST Noon EST
“Whether it’s charges of blackface, a movie being racist, or a perceived racist remark or slight,” Hutchinson asks listeners and viewers, “Is there a real peril in repeatedly crying racism in and every time race is mentioned or there’s a perceived negative act by someone white? Is it justified or a case of political correctness run amok?”

1 thought on “Hutchinson Report On Air Townhall–Have We Gone Way Overboard on Race?”

  1. Yes, Hutch. It’s justified, and it need to be brought. The reason that racism has continued to flourish in this country is it hasn’t been addressed effectively. It’s been denied, and Black people have been accused of exaggerating. But now, with modern technology, it can be documented, so the discussion is just now truly beginning.
    Closing our eyes to ignorance only leads to more ignorance, that’s why this situation has been going on for so long. Cancer doesn’t heal itself, and people who claim it will are just trying to avoid the discomfort of confrontation. Their were many Black preachers who told Martin Luther King that he was just stirring up trouble. He was told that he should just pray on it and let God handle it. Well, God did his part when he gave us a brain. So Black people should do two things – confront racism, and pursue excellence.

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